Used Dodge Durango Overview

Do you want muscle car performance but with enough room to bring the entire family along for the ride? Consider a used Dodge Durango in Selma. You'll get the rich tradition of performance with the passenger and cargo capacity of an SUV. And you'll also get plenty of towing capacity for the family's more involved outdoor activities. This one is great for transporting camping gear, sporting equipment, or the family boat.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Durango's Overview


There are so many reasons to recommend a used Dodge Durango in Selma, but with Dodge, performance is key. If you're tired of driving bland, clunky family SUVs, switch to the Durango. This model is sharp in everything it does and comes packed with driver-assist features and family-friendly interior design. And it doesn't leave out the V8 engine fun that Dodge is known for.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Durango's Exterior

Keep the Power

You don't have to give up power from your family SUV if you choose a Durango. The model's 6.4L V8 engine was rated at 475 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque in the 2020 model year. It also had a 5.7L V8 rated at 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. That leaves you lots of room to customize the kind of performance you want. You can even get a V6 engine if you'd prefer to tone it down a bit.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Durango's Interior
Technology Pro

Pre-owned Durango models have had modern interior technology for a long time. That means two things. A Durango entertains with an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and it also protects with Dodge's unique brand of driver-assist features. Some of the most helpful include automatic emergency braking, rear seat reminder, and blind spot monitoring.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Durango's Mechanical
Versatile Interior

Early Durango models come with cloth seating that takes into account the need for cleanup. Families can sometimes make a mess when they're traveling for long vacations. You'll never worry about that because Dodge uses high-quality cloth for its early trims and extremely upscale leather for their later trims. They also get sporty with red accents and aluminum-look trim.

Buy Used, Get More

Buying used at Fahrney Buick GMC is no loss. In fact, it gains you a lot of things. You'll never have to worry about that painful first-year depreciation that sweeps over new models. When it's time to trade in, you'll get a much larger amount of your money back. A pre-owned model is also close to new when you shop from the last 5-7 model years. New designs don't change overnight most of the time. A single generation of vehicle can go on for 5-7 years with just small, incremental changes each year.

A used Dodge Durango in Selma also delivers a great chance to save money on the little things that quickly increase cost on a vehicle. Used models are cheaper to insure, cheaper to pay taxes on, and cheaper to register. Our dealership serving Selma Fresno Clovis also adds value to your Durango by offering special deals on some models. You can find out which used Durango models are on sale by looking at our specials page or by scanning the model page for a coupon or promotion. It'll often be there.

Thanks to durable modern powertrains, pre-owned models stay relevant for longer, and they make great second vehicles for the modern family. People sometimes collect older Durango models because they love them so much. And then, there's always the family that just wants to be smart with its money and knows that a used buy is usually more affordable than a new one. We keep older model Durango SUVs and newer ones that are within the current generation (for now). You'll have your pick of old-school or nex-gen performance on a pre-owned SUV.

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