Used Dodge Charger Overview

The Dodge Charger is a high-performance four-door that's known for its muscle car accessories and design accents. If you love spoilers, hood scoops, racing stripes, and brass monkey wheels, the used Dodge Charger in Selma is the most affordable way to go home in a very sharp track-ready car. Fahrney Buick GMC is serving Selma Fresno Clovis with special savings on our used Dodge Charger inventory. See what this one can add to your life.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Charger's Overview


If someone had to define the Dodge Charger for someone who doesn't know anything about it, they'd start with its unique physical properties. It's technically a sedan and has a four-door entry system. However, it sits lower to the ground and has suspension systems built for racing around the world at your discretion. It's comfortable as a commuter or passenger vehicle because it actually has a surprising amount of interior space. Still, it's the driver's seat that provides most of the fun in the Charger. A used Dodge Charger in Selma comes with a lot of older models behind it, but recent pre-owned models like the Charger SXT feature a 292-horsepower performance through a 3.6L V6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. A high-end pre-owned Charger unlocks 717 horsepower (from the 2020 model year). Performance is just one aspect of what makes the Charger such a popular model at Fahrney Buick GMC. It has track accents like functional hood scoops, plenty of racing stripe choices, and lots of badging. It's probably the badging that makes the Charger such an easy vehicle to spot. Its iconic look remains one of the most popular ever, and with it going out of stock for a long time, a used Dodge Charger in Selma is going to be your only way to own one of these models from now on.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Charger's Exterior

Why Buy Used at our Dealership

We have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned models in our state, and we take great care of them while they're here with us. Each used Dodge Charger in Selma goes through a process that assures its quality for our buyers. A certified, factory-trained technician examines the exterior, interior, powertrain, and body so that we can correctly price the models and describe them to our customers. There's always light or even heavy housecleaning before we sell a Charger. If someone neglected oil changes while they owned it, you can bet we'll get that model a basic oil change before we sell it away. It's important to us that our vehicles are high quality and meet the expectations of our buyers. A used dealership can get in real trouble when they start selling bad stock. We know this. That's one reason we're in business and so many other used dealerships we've seen over the years didn't make it. While it's tempting to make money from almost any used car, it's important for a dealership to know what belongs on the lot and what needs to stay hidden until it's reconditioned. Our team puts in a lot of work restoring Chargers and other models that enter our used inventory.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Charger's Interior
Have a Used Vehicle to Sell

Our dealership is also open to buying a pre-owned Charger from you! If you're a proud Charger owner but need cash and know it's time to move on, please contact us to learn about our cash for used cars program. We put cash in your hand the same day.

Selma CA - 2023 Dodge Charger's Mechanical
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If you'd like to schedule a test drive of a Charger you've read about online, you can send us a note through email or call us to make first contact. We've got plenty of Charger models in stock right now. Fahrney Buick GMC has many used Dodge Charger models in stock right now at our dealership serving Selma Fresno Clovis. Please write to us online or call us to discuss current specials on this model or schedule your first meeting with a classic Charger trim.

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